Our History

“The history of Morandi Bortot began in the mid-1800s, when Giobatta Bortot of Roncadelle (TV) and Caterina Miraval decided to get married and start a family. The couple, eager to have children, unfortunately failed to bring any pregnancies to completion due to repeated miscarriages and, noting the difficulties and problems encountered, decided to adopt an abandoned child. This child was Davide Morandi, who grew up with an entrepreneurial flair and vision of life, establishing this important company in 1918. Many roads have been travelled since then and today the lime produced by Morandi Bortot is renowned on the market for its excellent quality”.


Our Products

Green Mission

The mission of the company derives from the natural value that lime has expressed for over five thousand years, making it a distinguishing feature of our style. Morandi Bortot wants to be an ambassador to spread respect for natural balances, giving man the freedom to choose and determine the quality of the environment in which we live.
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Technicians and building professionals can find all the properties, instructions for use and composition of the products to correctly choose and identify the best application solution based on the type of construction site. A qualified work tool that identifies the company as a partner alongside sector operators..
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Lime Laboratory

Research & Development are for Morandi Bortot a focal point within the organisation of the company. A “drive belt” between production and the market, elaborating solutions, which are often customised. An important reference for all sector professionals who want to know the real value of lime and explore new formulations that meet recovery of the past, but which also stimulate contemporary architecture.
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