the lime


Today, we can still admire buildings and monumental works from the past. Merit is due to the simple, natural, healthy and essential raw material: lime. Today lime represents the binder for construction of the third millennium, with the “freshness” and “ability to surprise” that only an extraordinary material can boast, after centuries of hard and tireless work. Experimental data and scientific research identify in lime the only really compatible material with the majority of the works built by man from antiquity to the early twentieth century. With this awareness it is evident to all that, especially in restoration, the use of lime is most often the only choice. The use of lime is therefore the logical consequence of a process of substitution and integration of a pre-existing material, which should guide every good project.



Production of Morandi Bortot lime starts with accurate selection of the calcareous rock, coming from the quarries, which is subsequently slowly cured at approximately 950-980°C, in specific furnaces powered by sawdust. The quicklime thus obtained is subsequently “quenched” with water, giving rise to slaked lime. This product, left to season in specific tanks, produces an excellent element of the Morandi Bortot company, without any additives, as it undergoes a physical change: the hexagonal crystals in the slaked lime are gradually and slowly arranged in parallel rows, making the material sticky, tenacious, workable and ready for use. This maturation varies between 12 and 36 months and is the best guarantee to protect walls from the build-up of steam and condensate and the forming of mould. Through its constitution Morandi Bortot natural lime is insensitive to variations in temperature and reacts well to thermal shocks, preventing the formation of cracks and micro-cracks. Morandi Bortot lime, a traditional yet high-performance material, is the protagonist of new buildings and restoration of old ones: in residential and public buildings, whose fundamental characteristics are in bio-construction and in restoration works.


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Morandi Bortot is in line with the current green building philosophy, always more attentive to health and safeguarding the individual and the environment.