Green Mission


The mission of the company derives from the natural value that lime has expressed for over five thousand years. Green Mission is therefore the ideological context in which the company is continuously measured, taking an ambassadorial role in spreading respect for natural balances that work and give back to man the freedom to choose and determine the quality of the environment he lives in.

missione green


Responsibility is a pillar supporting Morandi Bortot since its founder adopted a child, which years later brought about this great company: it marks a style, where man is considered of most importance. Another sign of the responsible vision of the company can be found in all those choices that restrained the environmental impact of production systems, expressing a consistency of vision in line with the total naturalness of the product being processed. Today, the desire of the new generations of Morandi Bortot is to revive the natural values of the proposed solutions with great responsibility, trying to demonstrate that it is still possible to build environments where people can live in balance and wellness.


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Morandi Bortot is in line with the current green building philosophy, always more attentive to health and safeguarding the individual and the environment.