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The history of the company began in the mid-1800s, when Giobatta Bortot and his wife decided to adopt a child, Davide Morandi.
Davide Morandi always had a flair for business: at the end of the 1800s he emigrated to Germany and after returning home in 1918, he started producing quicklime, together with some partners, on the land he owned near the River Piave in the Municipality of Roncadelle (TV), using the old “lime kiln” system.
In 1923 he built his first brick furnace, followed by a second one, replacing the lime kiln. The fuel used to heat the stones was wood, in the form of branches, trunks or stumps. Later sawdust was used.
At 54, due to bronchopneumonia, Davide Morandi departed from this earthly life, leaving the business to be inherited by his brother Agostino and managed by his nephew Isaia, who at the age of 19 found himself running the two furnaces.
In 1964, the children of Isaia, Valentino and Giannino, took part in managing the company, and by tradition continued to produce quicklime, still using sawdust as the only fuel.
In 1970 the company expanded, Valentino and Giannino bought a second production site in Tezze Vazzola (TV), a production unit with two furnaces in the strictly traditional style, ideal for producing low reactivity lime, specific for building use. Here, to meet market needs, a plant for the processing of quicklime was then added and for seasoning slaked lime.
2014 is the year when the fourth generation of the Bortot family enters the company, the children of Valentino and Giannino (Riccardo, Vania, Rinaldo and Alessandra), and the indissoluble value of lime is carefully instilled in them, the same belief and same commitment in getting to know all the features and quality of their product.
Because lime has always been a simple, clean and healthy product, respecting the environment and the people who live in it.





The foundations are to be sought in the history of the company, today making Morandi Bortot one of the most noble stakeholders in the world of natural lime.
Over ninety years marked by major development movements have given birth to the idea of an enterprise, gradually transforming it into an industrial model using cutting-edge technology.
A path full of experience influenced by all those who have added their intellectual and professional contribution to the use of this material, expanding the applications of lime and codifying continuous “good practices” in its application.
A product that has attracted the most important artisans in the world of restoration to the company, continually reviving that taste of a ”Renaissance workshop” where construction and decorative techniques are experimented. A company that has been and will forever be a great laboratory of experiences, which today are renewed with technological stimuli and do not alter the knowledge acquired, but extend its performance.