The mission of the company derives from the natural value that lime has expressed for over five thousand years. Green Mission is therefore the ideological context in which the company is continuously measured, taking an ambassadorial role in spreading respect for natural balances that work and give back to man the freedom to choose and determine the quality of the environment he lives in.

Responsibility is a pillar supporting Morandi Bortot since its founder adopted a child, which years later brought about this great company: it marks a style, where man is considered of most importance. Another sign of the responsible vision of the company can be found in all those choices that restrained the environmental impact of production systems, expressing a consistency of vision in line with the total naturalness of the product being processed. Today, the desire of the new generations of Morandi Bortot is to revive the natural values of the proposed solutions with great responsibility, trying to demonstrate that it is still possible to build environments where people can live in balance and wellness.

Raw materials and "virtuous circle" of lime


Its very nature makes lime a quality product: it begins with the careful selection of the stone, from quarries, baked slowly at around 950-980°C.
The viva lime obtained in this way is "slaked" with water and gives the origin to the air set lime putty. At this point the product is left to season for eight to ten months during which a physical change takes place: the hexagonal crystals of the lime putty are spread slowly and gradually in many parallel lines not unlike sausages, making it viscous, tough and workable, ready to be used.

Used in building work, Morandi Bortot seasoned slaked lime provides a number of advantages both for those who work with it and those living in the environments where it has been applied

A natural and salubrious environment

Living in healthy environments is a right and a need shared by us all, seeing that we spend a lot of our time in closed environments, such as the house, the office, the school, etc. True traditional Morandi Bortot lime, produced using natural methods, without additives, is a perfect fit with new green building trends, particularly careful about using biocompatible, safe products to produce healthier, more liveable environments.


The wall of a building can be compared to our third skin: the first is our physical itself and clothes are the second. Then we also breathe through the walls, the casing we live in.
For this reason it is important that they are made using materials such as the true traditional Morandi Bortot lime, that permit proper permeability to steam, perfect evaporation and Hydraulic stability. A wall that breathes properly and constantly guarantees an ideal microclimate: warm in winter and cool in summer.

It takes swings of temperature in its stride

Its constitution characteristics make true traditional Morandi Bortot lime impervious to changes in temperature and stands up well to wild temperature swings avoiding the formation of hairline and larger cracks.


Proper maturation of true traditional Morandi Bortot lime, complying with the times established, is the best guarantee for protecting walls from the build up of steam and condensation and the creation of mould. Result: walls that stand the test of time.

Outstanding usability

Its quality and chemical and physical properties mean that true traditional Morandi Bortot lime can be used for both unfinished and fine plasters and as a basic binding agent in quality painting and finished surfaces.

Lime at work

True traditional Morandi Bortot lime makes a massive contribution to new constructions and restoring the old: in residential and public building work, in special creations and in restoration and remodelling. Choosing Morandi Bortot means having the certainty of achieving results of the highest order, perfectly in keeping with what is required in quality construction and by the rules and requirements of green building.