Natural finish plaster with a lime putty and calcareous sand base, free of cement, for indoors and outdoors. Available in two different particle sizes, the “fine” version with particles under 1 mm, and the “coarse” version, with particles under 2.5 mm; both versions are also available in “pastel” colours (tones of yellow, pink, green and hazelnut), obtained using natural soils.

Application fields
CALCAREOUS SAND TOP COAT PLASTER is used as a plaster finish on PLASTER, on other traditional plaster with a lime base, lime mortar and pre-mixed plaster on application of an appropriate primer to guarantee adhesion and colour uniformity over the entire surface.
For renovations, always accurately evaluate the causes of existing deterioration before carrying out the work to avoid the same problem arising again; in particular, you should eliminate or at least reduce rising damp phenomena, the presence of salts or phenomena that could occur on exterior facades due to poor protection from atmospheric agents.
Thanks to its natural characteristics, this product is attentive to health and safeguarding the individual and the environment.

• 23 kg (approx.) containers (“fine” version).
• 24 kg (approx.) containers (“coarse” version).