SLAKED LIME or EXTRA SEASONED LIME PUTTY (seasoned 24 and 36 months)

Air binding product according to traditional methods. Having carefully selected the stone, from the quarry, it is slow fired in specific furnaces at 950-980 °C, using sawdust as fuel. The quicklime, thus obtained, is subsequently “quenched” with plenty of water, giving rise to SLAKED LIME, or extra seasoned air-slaked lime. At this point, the product is left to cure in specific tanks, for at least 24 and 36 months: in this period the hexagonal crystals, composing the structure of the product, are gradually and slowly arranged in many parallel rows, making the lime putty more compact, sticky, tenacious and workable, therefore cured and ready for use.
Thanks to its natural characteristics, this product is perfectly in line with the current green building philosophy, always more attentive to health and safeguarding the individual and the environment.

Application fields
SLAKED LIME, or extra seasoned air-slaked lime, can be used for painting and murals, skimming, bas-reliefs and Marmorino finishes of high aesthetic and architectural value and frescoes.


• 30 kg (approx.) bags.