Restoring ancient buildings to better enhance their beauty and uniqueness: the Roncade Castle


Teamwork is the engine that enables man to achieve goals he could not even imagine alone, and the phrase “Unity is strength” reminds us of this very well. This is how it works in the world of architecture as well and it is from collaborations that we have the opportunity to protect, restore and bring to new life the architectural wonders that human history has created and preserved to this day.

Morandi Bortot and the collaboration with UniSVe

In this vision, Morandi Bortot, with its innovative products, has enabled multiple companies and institutions to carry out major restorations preserved for refurbishment of architecture without going to change the appearance and health of it. Some of the most inspiring collaborations for the refurbishment of important buildings include UniSVe and their dynamic team.

On the one hand, Morandi Bortot, which with lime is positioned at the top quality levels of the market, with a history since 1918 that has as its focus the elaboration of the best product depending on the intended use, without forgetting the objectives in a green perspective and in full respect of natural balances.

On the other hand, UniSVe (Union of Venetian Stuccatori), which with its team of architects and restorers combined with its more than 20 years in the world of restoration and conservation of decorated surfaces works for conservative restoration aimed at recovering and/or protecting cultural works.

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Morandi Bortot in collaboration with UniSVe for Roncade Castle.

Roncade Castle is a Renaissance Venetian Villa located in the Venetian countryside between Treviso and Venice. It is called Villa Giustinian or Ciani Bassetti and is commonly of the “Roncade Castle” because of the walls adorned with towers and a moat surrounding it.

Today’s appearance of Roncade Castle is the result of extensive reconstruction work following the bombing caused by World War I and the owners’ desire to maintain the castle’s architecture in its best form, both visually and structurally.

In fact, the majesty of this castle is enhanced by the restoration of the historical surfaces of the building’s facades and carried out by UniSVe with some Morandi Bortot products.

In particular, the protagonists of this project were the sixteenth-century frescoed plasters and the stone elements that were repaired in their best guise through Morandi Bortot lime.

Lime is the ideal material to use in building renovation and conservative restoration works because it best respects the healthiness given by buildings, is completely compatible with the architecture of the past and has a significantly lower energy impact than the production of other materials.


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