Hemp and lime green building: the present and future of sustainable construction

Canapa e calce bioedilizia

In all sectors, including the world of construction, respecting natural resources and the surrounding environment is crucial to safeguarding the entire planet. Let’s learn more about the world of renovation using hemp and green building lime.

Renovating a building from a sustainable perspective means ensuring the high standards of operational efficiency by adopting design, construction and plant engineering solutions that aim to contain energy loss, make the building healthy and make the entire work process sustainable. Hemp and green building lime are one of the best solutions that can be adopted to achieve these goals.

Choosing to build with plant materials, therefore, is a very important choice that has environmental, ethical, social and economic benefits. With hemp and green building lime, it is possible to construct or renovate buildings and/or parts of buildings having the knowledge of using high quality products and, no less important, contributing to the “Green Mission” while respecting the natural quality of the environment.

Hemp and lime in sustainable construction

Hemp, today, is one of the best materials being used in sustainable building. This plant grows very easily and without requiring special attention as it needs low water consumption and suffers limited pest attack. For this reason, it has been used by humans since 8000 B.C. in the production of cloth, and over time its uses have expanded over a variety of sectors, including very different ones. In the 1980s, moreover, many building experts began experimenting with the use of hemp in the construction world, and to date, several steps have been taken in experimentation throughout the construction industry.

Learn about the thousand-year history of hemp on Wikipedia, click here.

Hemp is harvested and processed into hemp fiber, an excellent material for building aggregates in the composition of lightweight mortars and concretes. This material is being used with increasing frequency and the most obvious advantages are:

  • being refractory to mold and insects
  • being rich in silica
  • being a “carbon negative” material and therefore CO₂-free

Hemp can therefore be added to lime, creating an organic mixture through the addition of water. The resulting mixture can be applied where needed, this hardens as a result of water evaporation, carbonation (formation of carbonates in the presence of carbon dioxide) and hydration of the lime.

The hemp and lime compound that is well suited for sustainable building can be used in different areas in construction depending on the type of lime that is used and the type of hemp used. Among the characteristics this compound must have:

  • dry density between 250 and 800 kg/m³
  • specific heat between 1.0 and 1.6 kJ/Kg.K
  • compressive strength between 0.2 and 1.0 N/mm²
  • coefficient of thermal conductivity between 0.05-0.16 W/mK

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