Natural, decorative paint with a lime putty base, for indoors. Available in “pastel” colours (tones of yellow, pink, green, hazelnut), obtained using natural soils.

• 18 kg (approx.) containers

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Application fields
BADIGEON is used as decorative indoor paint.
For renovations, always accurately evaluate the causes of existing deterioration before carrying out the work to avoid the same problem arising again; in particular, you should eliminate or at least reduce rising damp phenomena, the presence of salts or phenomena that could occur on exterior facades due to poor protection from atmospheric agents.
Thanks to its natural characteristics, this product is attentive to health and safeguarding the individual and the environment.
BADIGEON cannot guarantee a completely even colour, typical of acrylic paint, because the properties of lime based products is that they assume colour variations, mainly determined by the various drying conditions of the product.